Welcome to Just Keep Swimming!

the idea of creating this space is to share how from my own perspective of life,  I have founded - by making some questions and answers- different ways to be happier.

My goal is to make you feel that this ocean is also for you, I don't want you to find me as an inspiration, or I don´t want you to feel that you want to be like me, your path is your own. I want you to see me as a “normal” person.  A person who understands and believes that byjust keep swimming you will find tools in front of you that have always been there to make you happier.

My main objective is that whenever you get out of here you feel motivated to be yourself.

I believe that love and compassion are the words that should be the roots to a better life, I believe that smiling at someone will always bring a smile back, I believe that everything is a decision. As a Cancer, I mostly listen to my emotions; I believe that everyone has its own issues and that everyone is a little crazy inside, I believe that we all aim towards the same thing, I believe that if you fake it you make it, I believe that if you practice anything everyday you achieve it at the end, I am mexican; I believe that you are what you eat, I love the stars, the moon and the sun; I will always regret not studying philosophy, I love elephants and giraffes, I believe in other lives, I try to live a life with ahimsa (non violence) and Kshama ( Patience); I believe that the only way of moving on is by surrender, I like Disney movies, I love reading, and my favorite color is mint.