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My happy path..

My happy path..

The path I found to be happier was Yoga, I see my life divided into 2, me before yoga and me after yoga. 

Yoga is the perfect example because it can be related to everything, you can find this everywhere and the object is to know yourself so that you live full and at peace with everything that surrounds you.

What is Y O G A ?

Yoga is the union of your body, with your mind and as a result you join your soul / spirit.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the most detailed and oldest and most authoritative text in yoga. The great sage, Patanjali, defines yoga as the cessation of waves and movements (vrtti) of the mind. The vrtti or modifications of the mind, are connected with the subtle body, while the klesa are more related to the external body or "body of action". The restricted state of consciousness (citta nirodha) is what helps us to experience the calm of the mind when there is no vrtti or no Klesa.


Without practice, nothing can be achieved.
— ( PYS I:1)

You always see your mind and body acting in front of you; You know that the mind creates thoughts.

All human beings are born with these "klésas" that are the ones that do not allow us to live in peace or to be happy; these are the causes of our suffering:

  1. Ignorance - It is the birth of all suffering, of all problems.                                                         E.g. when there is no light, we are afraid because we see that there is a snake, but when the light is born you realize that it is only a rope of cloth, it is ignorance that made you feel afraid.
  2. Ego (I) - the "I am" who always feels like an independent entity, the goal of the ego is to control our individuality. But unfortunately ego gets involved with other things, and tries to get involved with others' individuality as well.                                                                               E.g. Water is part of a wave, is part of the ocean. The wave needs to understand this because it feels like a separate part. You are the water and water is everywhere. All water makes up the ocean. A wave is born out of the ocean, is sustained by the ocean, disintegrates and goes back into the ocean. This tiny wave of consciousness (the small I) is part of the totality. In other words the water of the ocean is present as one. The winds cause ripples, tides, bubbles, foam in it but they are all nothing but another form of the same water. There is nothing else but water. The seemingly separate waves are water too. 
  3. Attachment - it occurs when the self focuses on pleasure and is involved with emotion. In life people are emotionally attached to many things. People began to pursue human relationships, knowledge, wealth, status, power or anything, which might be capable of enlarging and protecting the fragile individualised existence.                                                      E.g If someone near to us dies, we cry and becomes sad. But when someone not dear to us die we do not cry. Similarly, if  our home is infected with pests, then we try to get rid of the pests by killing them; after killing pests we do not cry. Why? It is because we are attached to our near and dear ones. It also proves that sadness/pain is not in the death, it is present in the attachment.
  4. Hatred/ aversions - Man is hostile and inimical to those whom he does not like. Hatred has its origins in unhappiness and grief. This Klesha occurs when strong dislike arises for anything. In experiencing an object, which gives pleasure, one becomes attached to that pleasure, and desire to experience it once again. 
  5. Fear of Death - This is the fear of life. We fear that death will kill us. We fear that what would happen to our properties, works, relatives etc. We think that death should not be there.

Now that you know this 5 afflections, start recognizing them in your own life, start being aware of what are facts or which thoughts are just coming from a wrong place or from wrong knowlege.


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