The Power of Kabbalah

The Power of Kabbalah

Suppose there was an ancient hidden wisdom that revealed and unified the spiritual and physical laws of life… 

Suppose the wisdom was the true source of all spiritual teachings and religions on this planet…

Suppose this hidden wisdom revealed all the secrets of the universe, all the answers to your questions, all the solutions to your problems. This wisdom exists, although it´s been kept under wraps through-out human history. 

This wisdom is called Kabbalah.

Don´t believe a Word of what you read!
Belief Won´t cut it!

Wisdom doesn´t have to be complex, humdrum and heavy. “when striving to understand the mysteries of our universe and the ultimate truths of our existence, how we will know if something is, indeed, truthful? “ The litmus test is simplicity. Authentic truth is always comprehensive to everyone.

To make the complicated uncomplicated.



Who are we?              DESIRE



According to Kabbalah, Desire is truly our essential quality, desire is what drives us

3 leves: 

  1. These desires are rooted in animal lust. A person needs, wants, and learned behaviors only to gratify this primal urges (Eat, sleep, sex). People at level one make use of rational, intellectual thought.
  2. Directed toward fulfilling drives not found in the animal kingdom (honor, power, prestige, fame and dominion over others)
  3. These ones are directed mainly toward rational matters, oriented toward gratifying and intellectually driven desire (wisdom, knowledge and answers).

This three types of desire are found in all members of human race, they are blended in each individual in different proportions and it is this that makes for the differences between one man and another.

If people are the essence of desire, and the universe is flooded with light, what stands in the way of our everlasting happiness?         

There is a curtain that divides our realities:

The parallel realities defined by “The Power of Kabbalah”

The 1 percent reality is the world of our five senses. It is a realm of spiritual darkness and chaos in which:

  • we react to external events
  • fulfillment is temporary and happiness is fleeting
  • effects, symptoms, and reactions preoccupy us
  • we are victims who aparrently suffer because of other people actions and random external circumstances
  • There seems to be no hope for bringing about permanent, positive change because any change that occurs is temporary and illusory
  • The majority of our desires remain unfullfilled

Murphy´s law governs the realm of the 1 percent. “everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong”

When we live our life solely in the 1 percent, life hurts and the world appears dark and disordered.

The 99 percent reality lies beyond human perception. It is:

  • a world of absolute order, perfection, and infinite spiritual light
  •  a realm of action rather than reaction to external events
  •  the source, the seed, and the hidden origin of the physical world
  • a world of total fullfilment, infinite knowledge and endless joy
  •  a dimension in which we can initiate positive, lasting change, permanent change that also manifests our 1 percent world

Did Albert Einstein actually discover something new with his Theory of Relativity, or was it always there?

Did Isaac Newton invent gravity when he discovered its properties or did gravity always exist?

Mozart said he was able to conceive entire symphonies in his mind before he wrote a single note. When he mentally experienced an hour of music in just a split of second Mozart felt that he was tapping into another reality. He was transcending the laws of time and space and entering a spiritual dimension.

The great greek philosopher PLATO spoke about the Platonic realm, a world of ideas which he said was the origin and try source of our physical reality and wisdom. Our word was a shadow of his reality. 

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