To love yourself

To love yourself

Nothing in life is coincidence, everything comes from a net that connects one point to another, lately I have been struggling with who I am and how sensible I have become since I have been choosing to be more in contact with myself. Sometimes I have even felt insecure because of feeling every inch of myself skin deep, and then this person comes to me and talks to me about another of the yoga branches that is Bhakti Yoga, in one of those dreams I understood that the path is right and it´s ok to know yourself better. 

'when the mind is still, the true
nature of the self is revealed'

The human race, is caught in an endless cycle of habituation.

We are addicted to identifying ourselves with our ever changing bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our personality, our work, and our lifestyle... but yet, we struggle to gain a real understanding of who we truly are behind these masks.
Despite the greatest efforts of society to satiate our endless desires, still we fail to understand why we exist and how to find lasting fulfilment.

By nature we are all 'tasting machines'. We seek happiness & pleasure in a great variety of ways, however seldom do we find that it lasts very long. There is a big hole within the heart of mankind which is aching to be filled, and yet our attempts to satisfy this inner necessity are usually nothing more than temporary 'gap fillers' to keep us going day to day.

The true purpose of yoga practice is not merely to increase our ability to experience sensory pleasures by gaining a greater awareness of the body. Nor is it only to improve our physical health or gain control over our emotions and attain peace of mind, but it is to go beyond the state of bodily consciousness altogether, and experience the deeper fulfilment of our inner existence. This is known as 'self realisation'.

Ultimately, the satisfaction of the inner heart is what we need, not mere temporary pleasure for the body & mind. Lasting happiness can only be found within, independent of the world around us. So essentially, true yoga is the art of finding genuine inner fulfilment and integrating such experience into our daily lives. It is a lifestyle which helps us to turn within, to explore and seek out joy and satisfaction in a new way.
True Yoga helps us to realise that we are essentially 'conscious' entities, having an experience of 'being' human. It is that person within, who we must come to know in a deeper way.

One man defeats a hundred men on
a battlefield, another conquers himself and is greater.
— Buddha


The Bhagavad-gita is a dialog between Lord Krishna and His dear friend Arjuna, and although it takes place on a battlefield, he ultimate message is one of self-transformation. It says  ''Try to adjust yourself with the environment, because you are not the master of the environment. All your energy should be devoted to regulating yourself and not the outside world. This is the key to success in spiritual life.

- ‘It is not that the mind is in the world, but the world is in the
— George berkeley

It´s not about loving yourself from a place surrounded by ego, is about knowing your deeper self; adjusting it by being better  and living with the environment that surrounds you, by looking at everything with a clean mind set and not with a cloudy grey visibility. It is to know your deepest self and learn how to feel by knowing yourself, how to act by knowing yourself, knowing your weaknesses  and recognize in which moment you are acting by the name of what humans created in the "what ought be" societies, recognizing what is what makes you feel insecure and why is it coming from. Is not about feeling how beautiful you are is about mirroring yourself from your soul and finding your personality from the yoga of the heart. 

The goal is to learn how to enlighten your soul. So that it illuminates your entire reality; Whereas the mind and false ego are like clouds covering the sun (or soul). Without light there is no world. So, in the same way; without soul, no world. The soul is the basis of all expression, all knowledge, anything, you can feel, touch, see, hear, is all dependent on the soul.

Human civilization has become predominantly a 'mind based' civilization. 'Mankind' has learned to identify and associate himself primarily with the content of his mind. We formulate opinions and ideas about ourselves, other people, and the environment - based upon our limited experience of the limited world. We form prejudices about life as we go along, and these prejudices become our reality. These 'prejudices',are compared to layers of dust, which cover eyes of the soul.
The mind is often compared with a 'lens', or a looking glass. If the lens of a pair of glasses are dirty, then everything we see will be unclear.

In a similar way if the looking glass of our consciousness, our mind, is covered with the dust of many mis-conceptions and pre-conceived prejudices about reality gathered from our experience of the world, our vision and experience will be distorted and coloured accordingly. When the mind is cleansed properly, then we are able to directly perceive the pure consciousness of the soul which energizes the very mind itself, and experience the vast joyful nature and divine prospect of our souls existence.

This is to truly live in the present moment, free from the estrangement of past and future.

Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare



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