Yogi thoughts

Yogi thoughts

I don't call myself a real yogi, but I trully believe that anyone who practices yoga can call themselves yogis. It doesn't matter if it's only asanas. 

I live my life surrounded with yogis, or yoga practitioners, the only thing I do is teach and practice yoga (if Netflix doesn't come in between); I see people trying to understand what it means to teach or practice this crazy things. 



I have fought with myself so many times trying to scream that yoga doesn't mean working out and how much it kills me that sometimes people only practices with the purpose to sweat. Today, I don't blame them, because they have not heard from anyone -yet- that the purpose of practicing Yoga, is to encounter your mind and your body in a unity with your spirit, with your soul. 

Talking about spirituality is one of the hardest topics because most of us humans, confuse spirituality with religion, so whether they don't like it or they feel that by doing yoga they are entering a cult.

But it's simple, spirituality means being connected with the energies of the universe, is learning how -by practicing yoga, asanas, in this case- you can surrender to the "real" life or the parts of your life that puts distance between you and your higher self, and live in synchronization with the universe; with the forces that created the stars, the forces that made nature so perfect. 



And, to be conscious, or aware on that state means reaching other states of consciousness; from where you can develop determination and strength in your mind to reach any little thing yousee as impossible becomes possible and you start being fearless about being ok and live Day by day trusting the process of this crazy life. 

The moment where if you want to have a relationship it simply happens or if you want to have success in anything the universe shakes the tree to throw out the death plants and just leave what matters and will help you to grow fruits. 


Yoga doesn't mean having a nice fit body and being flexible, to be flexible to do full wheel you have to be flexible in your mind , to do a standing split you have to not to think about it having an open mind, and it doesn't mean being ok about everything, or being "cool" it means to have an open heart, to be close to your soul and to your higher self, to know your body through the movement of it by performing figures that will help you understand it better. 

To reach ananda or blissfulness from an honest hearted chair. It's not to be happy all the time, is to be sad and know that sadness is a normal feeling and be ok about that; To trust yourself and the things that happen in your universe, and to understand that yes, everything has a reason of being, every step opens the next path. It's not to judge because compassion and understanding are always grabbing your hand, and it doesn't mean becoming a saint because not judging doesn't mean knowing the truth or meeting someone and feeling that your energies doesn't match. 



Yoga changes lives, if you practice with the correct elements and with the real principles, your life has to change; you have to start feeling that you are getting closer to your self, you have to start loving your thoughts and being more connected to your heart.

Imagine a  parallel world where you live surrounded by fearless humans, surrounded by people that don´t think twice when it´s about fulfilling their dreams.

But  I guess that is just an utopia of my mind. 







Let me know what you think, leave comments about ideas that were awaken in your mind while reading this. Lets be happy and share pure happiness.  




Just Keep Swimming <3



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